Most sports clubs need to raise extra funds from time to time, either through fundraising events or through funding applications to other organisations, for example Sport England.

This page describes the key things clubs and other organisations should consider when developing ideas for funding, and the main sources of funding for sport.

This is not an exhaustive list and funders can open, close or change their programmes at any time. The Partnership tracks funding opportunities for sport and physical activity and publishes news fortnightly through our e-newsletter. If you are not already signed up to this you can do so by completing the short form at the top right of this page.

Funding basics

Fundraising is about helping to create or maintain a viable and strong organisation which is able to sustain itself in the future. There are many ways of doing this, for example:

  • Developing a network of supporters
  • Organising fundraising events
  • Developing income generating schemes
  • Applying for external funding including loans and grants.

In reality many clubs will pursue more than one of these avenues, and indeed a club that is proactive in raising funds from its own resources can often present a stronger application for a grant from an external funder.

If you are looking for funding for coaching courses Click here to visit our ‘Funding For Coaches’ web page. Energize has its own STW Coaching Bulletin, see previous issues here and sign up to receive the free bulletin via email.

There are also plenty of other organisations that can provide advice and guidance about funding opportunities and writing applications.