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  • Energize Blog: Today I ran to work… (Energize your Workplace)

    By Ben Harper on August 10, 2017 in Blog

    Energize Blog: Today I ran to work… (Energize your Workplace) In my last blog I focused on a big first – my first big running target the Inflatable 5k and that was a blast! (see picture attached below) Not much running – mostly pushing each other over, acting like kids and generally having a great time bouncing on bouncy castles! […]

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  • Energize Blog : Treadmills, Pavements and Inflatables: The tale of how I became a runner

    By Ben Harper on May 19, 2017 in Blog

    In September 2016 I made a decision that would ultimately turn me into what my couch to 5k online coach would call “A RUNNER”.  This blog will hopefully help you understand the trials and tribulations of becoming a beginner runner, for someone who had nightmares about school cross country, or having to run after a bus…  Needless to say I’m […]

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  • This Girl Can: Finally, Springing forward…

    By Helen Madden on March 27, 2017 in Blog

    Energize STW Blog. March 2017 This Girl Can:   Finally, Springing forward…   It might be too early to say Spring has sprung, but it is definitely flexing its muscles.    Lighter nights and warmer days have made me look at ways to keep active outside of the gym.   Although I find running difficult, I envy colleagues who make it look effortless.   […]

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  • Energize STW Blog. February 2017 – This Girl Can: Getting BlockFit!

    By Helen White on February 15, 2017 in Blog, This Girl Can

    Energize’s Office Manager; Helen Madden discovers BlockFit classes in her latest This Girl Can blog. As 15 minutes of fame go, mine was a little innocuous in that I had to compel family and friends to listen to my interview on the Jim Hawkins show on Radio Shropshire, but who knows maybe the message was heard by one or two people […]

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  • Blog February 2017 – This Girl Can: keep calm and spin!

    By Helen White on February 13, 2017 in Blog, This Girl Can

    Blog February 2017 – This Girl Can: keep calm and spin! Written by Clare, Shropshire resident who found a love for spinning. I’m too tired. I can’t find my trainers. My ‘old lady’ knees aren’t up to it. I’m allergic to Lycra. I don’t have time, I need to organise my sock drawer – just some of the excuses I […]

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  • JOBS : Tennis coaches wanted @ Telford Tennis Centre

    By Ben Harper on February 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

    Telford Tennis Centre are looking to recruit Tennis coaches: If you would like more info please visit GLL’s job portal – available :   HERE Vacancy ID : 003167           Closing Date : 30-Apr-2017 Contact Person : Nick Williams                Salary : Up to £14.48 an hour     Location : […]

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  • ‘Active Places’ from STW showcased at latest event

    By Helen White on February 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

    Energize’s latest convention showcased active places across the County and the people behind them; from pitches to playfields, parks to village halls. Over 50 delegates attended the event, which took place on Wednesday 1st February at University Centre Shrewsbury.   The half-day convention featured case study workshops from Shrewsbury Town Council, Wem Swimming & Lifestyle Centre and Halo Leisure.  Shrewsbury […]

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