Advice on applying for funding

Funding applications should be based on a clear plan for delivery. It may help to consider the following questions before starting to look for funds:

  • Does your club have an overall development plan or strategy which supports your project? Is the club’s committee and membership behind the project?
  • Do you have the supporting documentation need for an application ready and up to date? Most funders will ask for:
    • Club constitution
    • Most recent accounts / recent bank statements
    • Annual report and business plan
    • Relevant policies – e.g. child welfare policy, equity policy
    • Copy of Lease (particularly for capital projects)
  • Can you clearly define and describe your project on one sheet of A4 (or 250 words)? Could someone completely unfamiliar with your organisation understand it?
  • Is there evidence that the project is needed and wanted? Sport England and other organisations have produced research and information that can inform projects. Have you carried out any community consultation or spoken to key stakeholders or partners?
  • Do you have clear targets in terms of how many people will benefit / number of sessions that will be delivered as a result of this project? Are you able to monitor and report on this?

The above list is not exhaustive but shows the preparation needed to develop a funding application

Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guide for Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities (Sport England) While primarily aimed at local authorities, the guide can be used by sports governing bodies, clubs, schools, facility providers, and developers, who may be looking to undertake an assessment of need for a particular purpose – for example, to inform an investment decision or the development of a planning application.