Planning and marketing sport and physical activity

Planning and marketing your activity is crucial to the success of your project, club or group.  Attracting new ‘customers’ and keeping them, and understanding their needs and wants will determine is vital.

In this area you will be pointed to a number of resources that you can use to help plan and market your project, club or group.

Make Sport Fun website – although Make Sport Fun can provide professional (paid) support to an organisation, they also have some useful free tools under their RESOURCES section, e.g. ebooks, photo library, 10 ways to market, introduction to marketing

Sports Market Segmentation website – this website provide you with information on the adult population such as activity habits, likes / dislikes and why certain sections of the population do / don’t take part in activity

Youth Insight report – this website focuses on young people and what motivates and influences in today’s hectic environment