Local strength and balance classes for everyday life

Elevate classes are designed to be safe , beneficial and most of all……enjoyable!

They are delivered by local, experienced instructors trained by Later Life Training in ‘Postural Stability Instruction’.

What are the proven benefits?

Classes are aimed at people aged 60+ who feel a bit unsteady on their feet. They may feel a bit off balance, or at risk of a fall. Taking part in classes has been shown to boost confidence and independence – both in and outside the home.

More than just an exercise class, the instructors are specially trained to help increase ‘core strength’. This doesn’t mean becoming ‘muscular’, it means strengthening the muscles to maintain posture and balance.

The video has been created by our partner organisation in Worcestershire, which gives you a taste of what the classes are like and the benefits of getting involved – through the words of both the instructor and the participants.

Frequently asked questions

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