Energize Blog: Today I ran to work… (Energize your Workplace)

By Ben Harper on August 10, 2017 in Blog

Energize Blog: Today I ran to work… (Energize your Workplace)

In my last blog I focused on a big first – my first big running target the Inflatable 5k and that was a blast! (see picture attached below) Not much running – mostly pushing each other over, acting like kids and generally having a great time bouncing on bouncy castles! This blog will focus on another first… My first run “to” work 🙂

So today I ran to work (well I ran to the train station… I work 16 miles away from home and I’m not quite a 16-mile runner yet!). It wasn’t a long run; it wasn’t particularly fast but it was hard for another reason… logistics. Many of the people I have spoken to about running since my last blog have asked about how I fit running in and what’s next (what’s next is the theme of my next blog!) But fitting in a run can be really tough. Active travel Is something a lot of people do but what’s involved…

Whilst running this morning, I realised the most difficult part of getting to do this run was planning everything I needed to sort out around it to make it happen… can Mrs H drop off and pick up our son for nursery? What clothes do I need to take in the day before so that I will have office wear at work? What train will I have to catch? Do I need a car during the day for work? How do I get home?

Planning this took time but it wasn’t too difficult. The weekend before I committed to doing it I got Mrs H on board to manage the childcare logistics and I made sure I chose a day that I didn’t need a car for work. I made sure I brought in the right clothes and kit that I needed for work the day before (although forgot my towel and forgot to bring anything to eat when I got in the office, doh!) Anyway the plan was done.

Job done! Well I still needed to get up early, run my legs off to make the train, get in the shower (fortunately there’s one at work) and then get into the office in time for work!

I did it… but on reflection it made me realise how much my workplace has done to make it possible for me to do this and how all of my planning would have been a lot harder without the resources my workplace has put in to make it possible:

  • We have showers!
  • We have a flexible working policy that will let me start a little early / late so that I can run or be active as it fits in to my lifestyle
  • We have an active culture and an active travel culture (demonstrated by members of our team who cycle to work regularly)
  • And we have a supportive team who give you a “well done” for doing it

For the last year I have been working with Businesses looking at “Energizing” their workplaces, and many of the things I mention above have been steps that they have taken on board to increase their active culture.

Yes it takes time, and yes it’s not easy but the benefits of doing it are huge for your staff and the business overall. Take me for example… being active makes me less likely to have a day off sick, makes me more productive whilst at work, gives me a sense of achievement and gives me a great sense that Energize cares about its staff and our health and well-being (both mental and physical).

I will be running in again, mainly because after running in today I feel great! (A little sore and a little achy but buzzing knowing I have got my day started well with a run!)

I’m really interested to hear what you have to do to fit in being active, what challenges do you face and how do you overcome these and who helps you (Family/friends/colleagues/club)? Don’t be shy, let me know either by commenting on this post on Facebook or tweet me @Energizecsp.

If you would like to learn more about how you can Energize your workplace please contact me and we can arrange a free 1-1 consultation for your business that will look at the culture, the business environment or challenges and give you an idea of how to get your workplace that little bit healthier and happier! 🙂

With National Fitness Day coming up on Wednesday 27th September why not start thinking about putting some plans in place to get yourself / your staff active on that day – it could just be the kick start your workplace needs?

(Inflatable 5k – An awesome team effort … my ribs hurt from laughing the majority of the way round)

I made it to the train ... Just!

I made it to the train today … Just!

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