Satellite Clubs


 Satellite Clubs

 What are Satellite Clubs :


Satellites are extensions of community sports clubs which can offer a different sporting experience for young people. Different because they bring sport out to young people in very local venues and different also because they may attract young people who are not typically very sporty.


Satellites are run by established sports clubs who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to local places where young people already meet. Together they create a satellite that offers sport in the way that these young people want to receive it. 


The vision of the satellite clubs programme is that by March 2017, every secondary school (in addition to colleges and other relevant settings) will be offered a satellite community sports club, with a direct link to one or more national governing bodies of sport (NGBs) The creation of satellite clubs will support an increase in the number of 14-25 year olds participating regularly (1 x 30 minutes per week) in community sport and reduce the number of 14-25 year olds dropping-out of sport.


Features of a Satellite club :


Satellites have the following features:


  •    Based locally  and  Open to all young people across the local community
  •    Run every week
  •    Run by Hub club coaches and community volunteers –  Clearly identifiable as a community club
  •    Less formal structure and membership that is based on the needs of young people
  •    Its membership reflects the local population


 Benefits of Satellite Clubs :

Hub Club

  • New members
  • Retaining members for longer
  • New Avenues to recruit volunteers and leaders
  • A higher profile in your community – great attracting partners and funders

To Host Site / Venue (Such as Schools and Community Sites)

  • Exanding the opportunities for activity at your facility
  • Becoming a community hub for activity
  • Development of working partners (local clubs, national governing bodies and CSP) 

To Satellite club 

  • Fun , flexible and social sport on your door step. 
  • Chances to try new sports and activities leed by experienced coaches
  • Better opportunities to progress sport if you wanted to. 

for more information relating to Satellite clubs please visit : The Sport England Satellite clubs webpage 

or for more details of how Energize may be able to help with Satellite Club delivery contact :

JOE LOCKLEY: Club Development Manager


Tel: 01743 453499