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Mumability is a new project coordinated by Energize aiming to increase the amount of women and girls participating in sport and physical activity and to empower them to take up coaching an leadership positions. Energize are working with primary schools and community groups (e.g. Couch 2 5k) to start up sessions to get, primarily, mums of any age active in their day to day life. Running has been the main activity which we have received interest for, but any sport/activity can be set up as long as it is helping people get physically active!

The project is exclusively running in the Telford & Wrekin Local Authority area and we are aiming to set up at least 6 groups by March 2017.

The Process

  • Groups start sessions and run for an initial period of 8 weeks by a coach recruited by Energize or by someone in the group
  • During this period the participants identify someone who would like to keep the sessions running
  • The participant identified gets funding for a coaching qualification and completes a course which will provide the knowledge required to deliver sessions
  • The new coach delivers the sessions and the process repeats (another participant has the opportunity to take a qualification!)


I’m a mum/coach/school and would love to set up a project near me! 

Great! The first step is to contact Gemma at Energize (details below) who will provide you with more information and support to set up your project.

I am not/I don’t know anyone qualified to run the sessions, is this an issue?

Not at all! Energize can either find you a coach or can help you acquire a coaching qualification so you can deliver them yourselves.

What support is available from Energize?

Energize offer one to one tailored project support through the Women Make Coaching programme.

Is any funding available?

Some funding is available to provide a helping hand with setting your project up. Funding is also available for 1 qualification per group.

If you have any questions please contact Gemma Britton, Coaching Manager at Energize.

Tel.: 01743 297 194