What could you achieve through volunteering?

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Energize are currently recruiting for new volunteers!

Whether you are unemployed, retired, studying or in full time work looking to do something different, we would love to hear from you. All applications are considered and we welcome all who have the motiviation to improve other peoples lives as well as their own through volunteering.

Volunteers are essential in helping people become physically active and making sport happen. Without people who provide their valuable time and effort, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin wouldn’t be the same place!

Every volunteer that gives their time has an important contribution to local life; this should be recognised by all across county and beyond.

Why volunteer for Energize?

Energize are involved with a wide range of activity across the area. From events in schools, sports clubs and other community organisations, there is never a shortage of things to do.

We treat all volunteers as an individual yet ensure all feel part of a wider group of people making things happen. Energize offer volunteers the support they need to get where they want to be; whatever life stage an individual is at, we welcome all to get involved.

How can i get involved?

There are many options for you to volunteer locally. Do any of the statements below match what you are looking for? Follow the links for more information –

‘I want to volunteer regularly’ – The Energize Volunteer Academy is a great option for you. This allows you to access events in schools, sports clubs and other community settings and get rewarded for your time.

‘I want to volunteer every so often’ – Join us as an Event Volunteer to access one off opportunities often large events such as Shrewsbury Half Marathon, Queen Victoria Cyclocross Race and Oswestry Community Games.

‘I would like to support people with a disability’ – The Inclusively Fit Project Buddy Scheme is perfect for you. This scheme allows you to help people with a disability access sport and physical activity where they may not get the chance to otherwise.

‘I would like to help young people get in to positive activities’ – The More Than Sport project is one way you could do this. This project is looking for mentors to help young people access sport and volunteering. Please contact Nick Herbert (nick.herbert@energizestw.org.uk) for an informal chat if you are interested in hearing more.

Do you need volunteers to support your activity? 

We support many providers  (clubs/community organisations and more) that needs a few helping hands to make sure their event or activity is a success. Please follow this link for more information.

Want to be updated?

The best way to keep up to date with volunteering across Shropshire is to follow our dedicated Twitter platform @Shropshirevols! The feed is constantly busy promoting opportunities and celebrating everything volunteers do to make Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin a more active place!

Not sure whats right for you/have any questions?

That’s fine! Energize are happy to discuss your options and how we can support your goals through volunteering. In the first instance, please contact Elliot Pottinger at Energize –

Email: elliot.pottinger@energizestw.org.uk
Mobile: 07852 871589

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